We Are,

Professional Parents

Raising a Fully functioning, Self-determining Generation.


People Empowering People

We’re people making a difference together creating and raising a Fully functioning and Self-determining Generation.

With the education available today, there is no reason to live a disempowered life. Professional Parents provides an empowering context to access, practice, and benefit from the range of knowledge, training, and resources available to help people succeed.

Professional Parenting Distinctions provide an instant context that empowers people to Be Fully functioning and Self-determining right now. It’s up to you and I to learn, practice, and share the empowering knowledge available today. Be a person who empowers people, empowering people for Generations to come.

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Get Empowered Now

Instant Motivation, Inspiration, and Transformation.

Be Trainable

Anything Is Possible. When You’re Being Trainable.

I AM a Professional Parent

The History of The Professional Parenting Methodology.


We’re always one thought away from creating the most awesome life possible. Practice fully functioning and Self-determining distinctions.


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We are Professional Parents.