I AM a Professional Parent

Dear Parents. I’ll get right to the point. You and I must raise a fully functioning and Self-determining Generation. Creating a world that works for everyone requires a mass population of functional, accountable, and responsible people. This is very possible with the education and resources available today.

I promise you will thank yourself for life as you empower yourself training your children to learn the distinctions required to be a fully functioning and Self-determining person.

To create and actually do this requires your commitment over time. You must be willing to hold the line with yourself and your children until you both know you can be and are fully functioning. You must be fully functioning in order to be Self-determining. It starts by practicing the 5’As in your life.

Thank you for exploring Being a Professional Parent. My name is Luis Moro, and I AM a Professional Parent. If you’re anything like me, you want the best for your children, grandchildren, and our future. I believe most people do.

I have written several books and training courses on Professional Parenting. I have thirteen years of applying Professional Parenting distinctions with clients, my own children, and myself. Prior to that, I had twenty-five years of experience in the training and development industry. I know the Professional Parenting Methodology works.

Being a Professional Parent is about raising a fully functioning, Self-determining person. No matter what a person’s current state of affairs is. Right now. Today. We can all benefit from Being Fully functioning and Self-determining.

I have many references and testimonials, including my own daughters. But I find the best test is you applying the Professional Parenting distinctions in your life, with your children, friends, and associates.

Visit our “Ask a Professional Parent” instant download library and start learning how to raise a Fully functioning and Self-determining Child today.

If you want to learn more background information about me and how we created the Professional Parenting Methodology, read my book. I AM a Professional Parent. Spiritual Lessons Learned from my daughters.  You will experience my real-life journey and the events that created Being a Professional Parent today.

Download Professional Parenting Distinctions Now and Apply Today.

Be the Solution.

Commit to Raising a Fully functioning and Self-determining Child for Life.